The Roaming Foodie

Desi Spice

Posted on: March 6, 2010

So, at this point in the blog, I’m basically going back to past restaurants I’ve been to and discussing them as I would have then. Or something like that.

Desi Spice is an Indian restaurant (the only one I’ve been able to find so far that wasn’t a “fusion” thing) in Atlanta. It’s next to the Trader Joe’s on Piedmont (?) I don’t remember the street…I only know it’s next to the Trader Joe’s. Way to go me. Anyway, it’s a small little place that plays Bollywood movies on the TV screens, is decorated with lots of colors and string lights, and is just what an Indian restaurant should be. There’s nice patio seating, though I’ve never sat out there due to the winter weather.

When I’ve been, we’ve been seated immediately and have not had to wait once. The food is also brought to the table fairly quickly.

The food is awesome too. When I’ve been, I’ve been with Andrew (my boyfriend), so we order the dinner for two. At a set price (of I think around $25 or something) you get one samosa each, a dish of lamb korma, a dish of chicken kashmiri (though we substituted Chicken Tikka Masala for this), a dish of Vegetable Bhaji, a loaf of naan (again, we order an extra, because naan is the best bread ever) and a dish of basmati rice. The Chicken Tikka Masala is probably my favorite. It is incredibly bright red (like, neon), savory but kind of sweet (I’m pretty sure there’s some coconut in it to sweeten the sauce), and the chicken is always well cooked and tender. Plus the tikka masala sauce is great for dipping naan into. The lamb korma is lamb that’s been cooked in a savory gravy. It’s kind of the salty and meaty dish of the meal. It’s good, but I still prefer chicken over any kind of meat. the vegetables are the spicy component of the meal, although they aren’t so hot that your tastebuds are killed. However, some of the vegetables can be overcooked (the carrots and cauliflower generally aren’t, but some of the green vegetables get a little mushy), though I have noticed most Indian vegetable dishes are very thoroughly cooked. While some may like softer vegetables, I tend to enjoy mine a little less cooked than that.

all in all, Desi Spice is a great place to go in Atlanta to get your fix for Indian food. I highly recommend it.


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