The Roaming Foodie

Attempt at Antipasto

Posted on: March 9, 2010

This weekend, Andrew and I decided that for dinner we should do a really simple meal that required no cooking. That lead him to suggest getting prosciutto and french bread and some cheese. So, we went out to Whole Foods on a mission for those three things.

Of course, I added stuff to it (because I must make things more complicated than they are). We ended up with a French Baguette, a pack of roasted red peppers, strawberries (they looked beautiful in the package, so I had to get some), cantaloupe, honeydew, a quarter pound of prosciutto, a small wedge of Brie, and a small wedge of aged provolone. Acquiring the prosciutto was probably the hardest part, as I have never ordered fresh sliced prosciutto (I usually just go for the prepackaged, since the only time I’ve really used it, it’s been cooked into a pasta dish). When I ordered, I asked for half a pound, since that’s what I usually get when I ask for deli meat. Luckily, the man slicing it was nice enough to suggest that perhaps I should look at what a quarter pound looked like, as it is sliced very thing but adds up. I’m so glad he did…it ended up being more than enough! (by more than enough, I mean we ate all of it, but were comfortable full).

We brought it back, heated up the bread, heated up the brie, sliced and washed the strawberries, and voila, we had antipasto. Or, our version of it. I don’t think Italians use brie or French baguette in their antipasto. It was such a fresh and satisfying meal. I don’t know what Andrew did, as I was too busy eating to watch him combine the different components, but I found that aged provolone and roasted red peppers go beautifully together, prosciutto and melon is a fantastic and refreshing salty sweet combination, and brie and French baguette…well, I mean, those always work together.  The strawberries (not as sweet as they looked in the package but were fine when sprinkled with a touch of sugar) served as our dessert. Kind of wish I’d come up with something a little more impressive for dessert, but oh well. Perhaps next time.

I really enjoyed having this kind of light but filling dinner. It was satisfying, but not so heavy that it weighed me down (though I should probably not eat as much of the bread next time…but WF makes some really awesome French bread).


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