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Atlanta Downtown Restaurant Week

Posted on: July 18, 2010

So, as I was looking at this morning, I came across an article about Downtown Restaurant Week 2010.

Which then led me to

If I were a 12 year old Justin Bieber fan, I would say I had an “OMG” moment.

I’m not, so I’ll just say I had a revelation. Or epiphany. Or a “hey, at $25 to $35, this would be a pretty awesome way to try some of the more expensive restaurants I can’t go to on any given day”.

Atlanta Downtown Restaurant Week, in case you didn’t check out all those links above, runs from July 26 to August 8 (so it’s actually 2 weeks). The featured restaurants provide the diner with a three course menu in which you choose what you want for each course for a fixed price of either $25 or $35 per person.

Anyway…I kind of want to try French American Brasserie . Here’s the menu of what they’ll have during Restaurant Week . That warm chocolate cake sounds absolutely divine.

If I go, I’ll write an awesome post about it. If not…well, I’ll write about something else soon 🙂


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