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This is my new buddy

This is my Scottish Terrier, Maddy. She’s 5 years old. I got her at a rescue in North Carolina, and she is the best dog ever. I’m a little obsessed with her.

Anyway, Maddy is also a little bit of a foodie. Her kibble is venison and sweet potato, she won’t eat dog biscuits unless they’re mainly meat, and she gets homemade food. She’s into the bacon food trend, even though she only gets it every once and a while (though she’d love to have it more). She’s definitely a little spoiled.

I’ve been making Maddy’s food, because that’s what her foster mom had been doing, and because Maddy turns her nose up at canned food. I actually don’t mind, because then I know what’s in her food and know there’s no weird fillers or anything. Sometimes I put more effort into her food on a weekday than my own, haha. She regularly gets beef stew or chicken soup. Until I found the Three Dog Bakery cookbook (yes, I’m buying cookbooks for my dog).

Here’s the first recipe I tried. I can’t give much feedback, as I didn’t eat it. But Maddy cleans her bowl every time she has it, so I guess that’s review enough.

Lazy Day Loaf
Adapted from “The Three Dog Bakery” cookbook, and Maddy approved

One pound ground turkey
One cup plain bread crumbs
One egg
10 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained well
4 oz lowfat cheddar cheese, cubed

Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix ground turkey, bread crumbs, and egg together. Place half of the turkey mixture in a greased loaf pan (or form it on a cookie sheet like I did, since I didn’t have a loaf pan). Layer the spinach on top, and then the cheese. Add the rest of the turkey on top. Cook for one hour to an hour and a half (the recipe said one and a half, but mine was done after an hour).

Makes 8 servings depending on the size of your dog (I’ve been getting four or five servings out of one loaf for Maddy, and she’s about 25 pounds).