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It’s so great to be back in the ATL 🙂 How I have missed thee…

So, going to Six Feet Under on 11th street was a great welcome back to Atlanta. Andrew took me there Monday evening for dinner.

First thing about Six Feet Under. There are two locations: Grant Park and then the one on 11th Street that we went to. Obviously, in this post, I will be referring to the 11th Street one.

We ended up sitting on the roof patio. All the tables were full, but there is bar seating at the edge of the patio where the railing is (so not technically “bar” seating, I guess, but I think you can get my point). We took the seating at the rail, which ended up being really nice because we took seats that faced the skyline of Atlanta, and by the time we were getting through our meal, the sun had started to set and it was gorgeous. Second, the rail seating allowed Andrew and I to be able to talk and sit next to each other and not have to shout across the table, which was nice.

Now for the food. I noticed immediately that they served alligator bites (fried pieces of alligator). Once I had gotten over my initial excitement of seeing alligator on a menu outside of Florida, Andrew insisted that we order them. We also decided on our entrees before our server came over with our drinks, so we were able to put in our entire order at once. Our waiter informed me that there are two versions of my Shrimp and Scallop dish: an appetizer and an entree. He told me that the appetizer version was the same size, but only included hush puppies instead of hush puppies + two sides. Not wanting to completely destroy my waistline (which, by ordering fried alligator, I kind of already had) I ordered the appetizer version. Thanks for being cool and letting me know! I’ve noticed a lot of servers don’t do that, and just go ahead and give you the largest portion. Andrew ordered Shrimp and Grits (which made me so so SO happy, as I hadn’t encountered a non-South Carolinian yet to order the dish of their own accord, without prompting from me), and we waited.

Our alligator came fairly quickly. It was good, especially since I hadn’t had alligator in a long time, but the breading was a little heavy. I had several different kinds of fried alligator on several different trips to Florida, so I know that I favor a light breading on alligator (ratio of 1 breading: 2 alligator…I really shouldn’t try to throw in math in any part of my life, especially in posts). The gator came with a dill sauce that was pretty tasty, and the gator was tender. But, I would’ve liked more gator, less breading.

We finished our basket of gator, and began to wait for our entrees. And wait. And wait. It took quite a long time to get our entrees, which was kind of a downside, but spending time with my boyfriend and talking was nice. And the alligator curbed my ravenous stomach, so I wasn’t grumpy. But still. I really wanted my hush puppies, and I wanted them ASAP.

Our food finally arrived. My Shrimp and Scallops were fantastic. It was a really simple dish, but really fresh and light, which is what I think seafood should be. They were just baked in parchment with lemon slices, salt, pepper, and basil. YUM! Plus, getting dishes baked in parchment paper is always fun…it’s like opening a present! Of delicious food. The hush puppies were good, but a little doughy for my taste, and I usually like things doughy. Except hushpuppies. They shouldn’t be doughy. But maybe it’s because I’m used to hush puppies made of cornmeal and having that cornmeal texture, and I am pretty certain these weren’t made with cornmeal. That aside, they were still pretty good.

Now, for Andrew’s Shrimp and Grits. Sigh. This will be a little bit of a rant. Where I’m from, Shrimp and Grits are made with shrimp, bacon, grits (that sometimes have cheese mixed in), and sometimes a light gravy. Andrew’s Shrimp and Grits had shrimp (check), grits (check), and asparagus and red peppers piled on top??? whoa. stop. No. It my be just me being picky, but there are to be no vegetables on shrimp and grits. Sorry, but that killed the dish for me. Also, I thought the grits had a strange texture to them that I couldn’t quite pick out what exactly was weird about them. I was not thrilled with the Shrimp and Grits. End rant.

But, forgiving the shrimp and grits, the food was still incredibly good, especially considering that Atlanta is an inland city with a lack of fresh seafood like you’d get on a coastal town. I thought Six Feet Under came as close as it could get to having that coastal seafood restaurant taste with it being a restaurant in an inland city.

Six Feet Under definitely has the bar atmosphere, especially up on the patio. Not exactly what you think of when the phrase “romantic dinner” comes to mind, but for me, sitting with my boyfriend overlooking the Atlanta skyline at sundown with good, unpretentious seafood, it couldn’t have been lovelier.

Now I just have to get my boyfriend to Charleston, SC and show him what some really fresh seafood is like 🙂

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