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For some reason today, I have been non-stop thinking about the two summers I spent in New York City with American Ballet Theater. The program with ABT lasted 3 weeks, so, I’ve only spent a total of 6 weeks in NYC. But, I fell in love with the city that never sleeps on day one.

Of course, a distinctive part of my trip revolved around food. The second year, I lived there without my mom being with me, and I made a very dear friend (p.s., you can find her really awesome blog about NYC here: She showed me some of the most AMAZING places to eat in all of our adventures around NYC. One place that really stood out in my mind was this tiny Thai restaurant that was up around Lincoln Center. I can’t remember the name of it, but the deal with it was, there was another restaurant with the same name that served Americanized Thai up the street, but this one was the real-deal Thai food. I don’t remember everything we ate, but I know there was this crispy duck salad that wasn’t on the menu, that had crispy duck pieces (it’s the only time I’ve had duck and enjoyed it), green apples, and some peanuts. So, so yummy. We also went to a great Korean place in East Village where she and I shared Korean barbecued beef that we wrapped in lettuce with white rice. We had several other things too, but I obviously didn’t have this blog then (I so wish I had…it makes me sad that I can’t remember every detail of every meal I had in New York). We also had the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had at a restaurant called Cafeteria. And of course, we went to Magnolia Bakery twice for cupcakes. I remember she had consumed her entire cupcake at Magnolia before we even hit the cash register, and there wasn’t even a line! She also introduced me to Pinkberry (um…overpriced froyo, but absolutely delicious as well) and Gray’s Papaya (which one might remember from the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie has her book signing party, and then the chaffeur takes her for hot dogs afterwards…that was Gray’s Papaya). Nothing like a hot dog and papaya juice on a warm day in NYC after touring the Met.

So, you may ask, how did we consume all this food, and not completely destroy our waistlines (besides the fact that we pretty much walked everywhere) and our wallets (food in NYC is pricey, especially eating out)? I learned a very, very good lesson from her that I really should put into practice more.

We ordered one or two dishes of whatever we wanted, and shared them, then split the ticket down the middle.

It was a beautiful system. For instance, at Cafeteria, we ordered the fabulous mac and cheese, and a salmon dish that was phenomenal. But we shared it. And, if I can recall, we didn’t even finish it all because it was more than enough food. We did this pretty much every single time we ate out, and if one of the other dancers we made friends with was joining us, we’d up it to 3 dishes and share those between us all, and split the check three ways. This way, we could get away with eating whatever we wanted and not eat too much or have to pay an exorbitant amount for a meal.

Seriously. I am re-introducing this idea into my life. So I can eat out more, and thus write more blog posts. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

There was also this diner called Manatus near where I stayed the first summer I was there. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the first summer in West Village where my great-uncle used to have an apartment (he sold it before my 2nd summer). I don’t know if it was because this diner was the first place I ate, ever, in NYC, but it is still one of my favorite restaurants ever, even though there was nothing about it that particularly stood out. It was just simple, normal, good diner fare.

The other thing about the apartment I stayed at my first summer was that it was literally right across the street from the Magnolia Bakery made famous by the Saturday Night Live “Lazy Sunday” skit and, more importantly, Sex and the City (yes…the actual one SJP and Cynthia Nixon sat outside of was right across the street from me…love!) The lines for it were ridiculous too. Except on weekday evenings around dinner time. No line. My mom and I got cupcakes every Monday night we were there. There’s not much to say about Magnolia cupcakes except that they are phenomenal and have every right to be as famous as they are.

Now I really want a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. Or some Tasti D-Lite ( don’t judge me…it’s good!) Someone should really think about putting a Tasti D-Lite in ATL…I’m just saying.

Between the walking around the city, the fantastic food to be found, the shopping, the shows (I got to see WICKED and met some of the actors and actresses outside of the stage door…and they signed my program!) and the visit to Tiffany and Co, my heart swoons…

I miss you, New York City.